CBCT Scans in the times of Corona

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) that emerged in December, 2019 is a highly contagious virus that has been spreading worldwide and affecting individuals in all specialties with a swift increase in the number of deaths.

As radiology is a key department of the healthcare system, every radiology department ought to be equipped to protect its members from this extremely transmittable disease.

The recent guidelines released by the American Dental Association for minimizing risk of COVID-19 transmission indicates extraoral dental radiographs such as OPG (Dental OPG/OPG X-RAY) or CBCT scan are appropriate alternatives to intra-oral dental radiographs as intra-oral radiographs can stimulate secretion and coughing.

While taking a CBCT scan / OPG scan (OPG X-ray) at our dental diagnostic center or more specifically our dental imaging center, the following points are being ensured to help safeguard patients and staff from infection.

  1. Use of a surgical mask by the staff and patient.
  2. Use of personal protective gear by the radiographer and the staff.
  3. Foot-enabled Hand Sanitizer dispensing machine at Entrance and Exits for patients & staff.
  4. Disinfection of the office and machine room after each patient.
  5. Training of staff members for professional cleaning of potentially contaminated surfaces after each patient contact.
  6. Maintenance of records of each and every patient for history of symptoms of Covid-19 and/or travel history.
  7. Prior telephonic appointments to ensure social distancing.
  8. Encouraging digital payments

Cbct scans in the times of CoronaOPG / OPG X-Ray/ Dental OPG should be considered as the first line of imaging for patients in which only emergency treatment is being provided. Small volume Cone Beam CT (CBCT) at our dental diagnostic centre can be advised for cases if OPG X-Ray is not enough to provide the diagnostic information required for a particular case.

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