Digital Dental X-Ray

Dental radiographs, ordinarily called dental X-rays, are an integral tool for correct diagnosis and treatment planning in dentistry. There are many oral diseases related to teeth and surrounding tissues that cannot be detected when a dentist does a clinical examination of your mouth. If Dental X-rays are not advised, minor cavities, inflammations or abscess under the teeth, cysts, tumours, and other diseases might be difficult to identify until apparent signs and symptoms have established and serious damage has been done to your health.

Dentists today have ready access to a variety of excellent imaging modalities or dental X-rays to assist in the care of their patients. Dentists advice digital dental x-ray (CBCT or 3d dental x ray, OPG, Lateral Cephalograms, TMJ views, bite-wing X-Rays and Occlusal X-Rays to name a few) or radiographic images of patients when they try to find added information further than that obtainable from a clinical examination or their patient’s history.

Cone-beam computed tomographic (CBCT) imaging or 3D dental X-ray is the most advanced form of digital dental X-Ray and the most significant technologic advance in maxillofacial imaging since the introduction of panoramic radiography (OPG). The introduction of CBCT imaging or 3D dental X-ray has heralded a shift from a two-dimensional to a 3D approach in digital dental imaging. The dental X-Ray cost in India varies according to the type of digital dental X-ray advised. The cost of CBCT scans or 3D dental X-ray depends on the Field of View (FOV) i.e. the amount of area to be scanned. The cost increases with an increase in the desired area to be scanned.

If you are a new patient, your dentist may advise X-rays to assess the current status of your teeth and oral health in general and have a reference point to help ascertain changes that might occur later. If you already have a set of X-rays or if your last dentist has any X-rays or radiographs of you, your new dentist may request you for copies of them. You can request your dentists to help you with sending your X-rays.